Friday, February 21, 2014

The Sweet Switch

Perhaps I've taken living the sweet life too far.  I love all things sweet - including sweet drinks and treats.  Now, I have two cavities and going to the dentist terrifies me.  It's time to switch out some of my regular favorite sweet treats for better options. It's not to say I won't still eat these items, but I won't eat them regularly (every day).  My mom the R.N. is cheering right now :)

San Pellegrino - My Replacement for Ginger Ale

Sweet:  Ginger Ale.  For most people, it's probably coffee.  I actually made a significant effort to try to become a coffee drinker but it didn't work.  My body rejected it.  It gave me terrible headaches.  So, I drink ginger ale instead.  I drink it alone and with cranberry juice and I absolutely love it!
Switch:  San Pellegrino (zero sugar) with low or no-sugar cranberry juice.

Sweet:  Twizzlers (yum!!) I could eat a bag at a time if I let myself. 
Switch:  Real Strawberries.  Yes, they have natural sugar but at least they are good for you!

Sweet:  Cookies.  Yes, I just made another batch...  I have such a sweet tooth.  This is hard.   Switch:  Prevention Magazine recommends reaching instead for sweet and salty kettle corn, which has significantly less sugar.  Hopefully, it will give me something good to snack on while still satisfying my serious sweet tooth.  We'll see...

Sweet:  Italian Ice & Sugary Popsicles.  I eat them all year long.  All of that high fructose corn syrup just tastes SO good!  
Switch:  Real fruit (home made popsicles) & sugar-free popsicles.  This is what I give Charlotte when her teeth hurt.  I should take note!

Again, I'm not saying I won't eat cookies or Twizzlers again.  But I certainly won't be drinking a can or two a day of Ginger Ale.  I don't want to be going to the dentist for even more fillings.  Plus, I won't have to explain to Charlotte why she can't have my Ginger Ale (which she thinks is water)!

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