Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Sweet Find: 5 Ways to Wear It

The Savannah Blue Necklace

Day 2:  Hot Pink, Silver & Savannah Blue

 This Savannah Blue necklace is easily transformed into other pieces of jewelry - including this bracelet.  I took off the necklace extender and wrapped it around my wrist twice.   I had to have my sister help me latch it together, but it fit perfectly.  My friend Miss America fr
iend Autumn Marisa Lexer, an Independent Founding Designer with Mialisia Jewelry  gave me this necklace and I love it!  Tomorrow, I'll show you how I'll use Savannah Blue as a shorter necklace.

Necklace:  Autumn Marisa Lexer / Mialisia Jewelry
Autumn's Mialisia Facebook Page
Dress:  Old Navy
Belt:  Banana Republic
Clutch:  Target
Necklace:  Gift from my Husband :)

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