Thank you for reading my blog!  I'd love to hear about YOU, so you are always welcome to send me an e-mail or connect on Facebook.  But, you may wonder who I am and why I created this blog.  I absolutely LOVE a good find and I love to mix and match my wardrobe pieces.  That is why I decided to create the "One Sweet Find:  5 Ways to Wear It" part of this blog.  I am a former television news reporter and anchor turned adjunct professor and now stay-at-home mom.    I am thrilled to share my style story every week.  I've always loved fashion.  I grew up in southern New Hampshire (45 minutes north of Boston).   When I was growing up, my mom ran her own business as a busy seamstress.  All of those dresses and pieces of fabric made me love clothing.  In college, I interned at Marie Claire magazine in New York City.  I spent days sitting in the “fashion closet” organizing photos from designer collections.  I’d describe my style as elegant yet fun.  I love J. Crew, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Banana Republic, Theory, Ann Taylor, Talbots and Target (I'm there all the time).  I'm a passionate outlet shopper (Tanger and Premium Outlets) and I also love a good consignment find from Second Time Around.  On the higher end, I am obsessed with Chanel and Burberry, but right now, I'd rather save and spend my money on Charlotte :)

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Here's More About My Dreams/Goals from a Previous Post:

Thank you for following my personal style blog.  I can't even tell you how much I appreciate each of you.  One of you asked me, so I wanted to share with you my past dreams, why I started this blog and where I'd like to go from here.   It's scary to share dreams but at the same time, it's nice to put them out there.

Achieving Childhood Dreams When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being everything from a teacher to a fashion magazine editor to a travel agent to Miss America.  I used to play travel agent at the desk in my room and I would crown my friends and sister as Miss America with the crocheted table cloths in our living room!  I love the phrases "There is Never a Crowd on the Extra Mile" and "Work Hard and Be Nice."   I've rarely ever had the experience of achieving many things on on the first try (or second or third in some cases).  I am envious of those of you who do but always trust that everything happens for a reason.  I went to Syracuse as a graduate student 6 years after I first applied there at the age of 18. (I wasn't accepted at the Newhouse School as an undergraduate student.)  I competed at Miss America after 4 years of competing for the job of Miss New Hampshire.  I met Ben at the end of my 20s (he thought I was 25!).  And I had Charlotte after 22 hours of contractions and a last-minute c-section.  I am now truly convinced the best things in life follow tireless hard work, sweat and tears.  When I was almost ready to quit in all of those instances,  felt too weary, and had nearly lost all belief in myself, I somehow found unbelievable strength and faith and became unstoppable.  I'm also blessed to have the most amazing parents and sister who have always encouraged me. Honestly, I wouldn't have had those journeys any other way.  The end result was even sweeter because of the struggle involved.

Charlotte & Ben: Dreams Come True  Charlotte and Ben are my key reasons to work hard, dream, and live life to the fullest.  After Charlotte arrived, in those many late-night hours I was awake holding her and admiring her beautiful face, I started to really think about setting personal goals so I could be the best mama possible for her.  I'd get scared.  Most goals and dreams are really scary.  But how could I look her in the eyes and strongly encourage her to go after her big dreams if I hadn't always done the same?  I want Charlotte to learn too that to finally be in the right place at the right time, you have to work unbelievably hard to put yourself in the right place at that right time.  

Sweet on Style & What's Next  After Charlotte was born, this blog was born too.  I spent hours upon hours in the middle of the night really thinking about what I am truly passionate about.  Although I absolutely loved the college teaching I was doing, I wanted something else in my life too.  One night around 2 a.m., I stumbled upon one of the best blogs out there -  "What I Wore" by Jessica Quirk.  Jessica is a talented woman who shares her incredible style and DIY ideas in an honest, down-to-earth way.   I was unbelievably inspired by her and still am every day.  Flash back to my childhood days of dreaming of working in magazine and later interning for Marie Claire Magazine/Hearst Magazines in New York City.  It all started coming together.  

I love style because the creative process is euphoric to me.  That is why I love this blog!  I'm excited for the weeks and years ahead.  I hope to work with other bloggers, beloved brands and just share my passion with all of you who are amazing enough to go on this journey with me!   I love the way style makes me feel and can make other women feel.  But I don't want it to be all about me.  My "style enhancement" with my beautiful "little sister," Anne, showed me I absolutely love this!   I will soon start studying Image Management.  It's through an online program with the International Image Institute, Inc. out of Ontario, Canada (that's a page of my coursework above)!  Once I finish my coursework, I can eventually go through the rigorous testing and application process to become a Certified Image Consultant with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) if I so choose.  I'm incredibly excited because this means I can help many women achieve their professional and/or personal style goals, and more importantly, feel more confident and fearless!  Thanks for reading.  Here's to being fearless!