I love constantly learning!  I'm always reading and always "studying up" on something new.  I'm in the process of taking an Image Management course right now.   It's fascinating how different pieces of clothing and accessories can change the way your body appears.  Below are several graphics I created which illustrate this point.   If you ever have any questions, or topics you'd like explored, feel free to e-mail me at   

XO Mary

There are a lot of "body-con" and color-blocked dresses out there this year.  As a general rule, vertical lines are the most slimming.  Another tip to keep in mind is, the less space between two lines or colors, the more slimming something is.   According to the International Image Institute's Karen Brunger in "Style," vertical lines suggest power and greatness.  She adds that a vertical line leads the eye up, which naturally makes the area appear longer and narrower.

Design Element: Vertical Lines

The graphic below is a very general guide to selecting jewelry.  A lot, of course, depends on your hair, coloring, stature and style.  But, generally speaking, stronger items are great for women with strong bone structure and delicate items are great for women with a delicate bone structure.  Just something to think about :) 

Design Element: Dimension/Jewelry

  This may seem rather minor, but it's interesting the illusion created with the lack of a waistband!  The skirt on the far right is a tiny bit shorter than the one on the far left, but the black waistband and line on the bottom makes it appear far shorter to me.  

Design Element: Scale

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