I love accessories! They are the most loyal items in your closet; they always fit even when you've gained or lost weight.  I strongly believe they can make or break a look.  Below are some of my favorite Stella & Dot accessories.    I am a Stella & Dot stylist because I love styling women with not only clothes, but also accessories!  Feel free to ask me any styling questions at

(See Graphic Below for Another View)

I am dreaming of spring in a huge way.  Especially with the launch today of Stella & Dot's Spring 2015 collection.  Below on the left is the new Birdie necklace which can be worn several different ways.  

Sweet Dreams of Spring

Relaxed Holiday Style

Bag:  The Shift, Bracelet: Love Bangle, Pendant:  The Rebel

Casablanca Pendant

                                                        Stella & Dot 

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