Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Wish List

Happy (almost) spring!  To say I'm not eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring would be like saying I'm not fond of shopping at all :) Honestly, I used to shop in a very random and unprepared way, which would drive me (and my husband) crazy.  I lacked direction.  I couldn't make up my mind and I spent hours and hours trying to decide what to buy when we would shop.  Creating a "wish list" has been incredibly helpful.  It allows me to better visualize what I love and what will work in my life and my closet.  For the most part, I now can pass on the things that don't fit my list with a lot less regret.  I stray, however, if it's an unexpected, incredible treasure - case in point, I just scored a Burberry Brit scarf at a price far too good to pass up.  I've been waiting for this large scarf/wrap for seven years (no joke)!  

So, this is my general list (not exact labels) I'm searching for this spring.  I love the pink and yellow pops of color.  The white jeans will be my spring "uniform" and I love the fresh look of a striped skirt and striped shoes.    I especially love these Payless striped shoes because spring in New England can be so unkind.  I absolutely hate to ruin an expensive pair of shoes in the mud!  Many of my everyday shoes in the spring are inexpensive.  My more expensive shoes are "fair weather" shoes!

Spring Wish List

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