Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Sweet Find: 5 Ways to Wear It

The Savannah Blue Necklace

Day 3:  A Jeweled Neckline

 Day by day, I am loving this necklace even more.  Today I decided to wear it a shorter length so that it would fit the neckline of this black dress.  I wore it two ways - the first draped down the neckline and the second draped more across the neckline.  When I have more time, I actually plan to hand stitch the necklace to the dress for a real jeweled neckline look.  And it will be easy afterwards to cut the hand stitches out and wear it a different way.  

Drawing Attention Away from the Waist
I love the way the bright turquoise draws the eye up.  It's great if you want to draw attention away from the waist. Why didn't I have this necklace after I had Charlotte and my belly still looked 9 months pregnant? :)

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