Thursday, August 21, 2014

"The Truth About Style" Words of Wisdom

I just finished Stacy London's "The Truth About Style" and it is brilliant.  After I finished reading it, I looked down at my precious 2-year-old, Charlotte, who was napping in her crib (after trying to read the book herself) and thought, "Don't ever let anyone else define you or your life."  

You probably know Stacy London from TLC's "What Not to Wear."  I've always loved the show but I admire her even more after this book.  As a stylist, she is fierce.  This book shows she is a real person. She has worries, doubts and insecurities just like the rest of us. Her words of wisdom are helpful in both style and in life.  In the book, she tells her story and  details the stories of nine real women with different style challenges. She shares the underlying causes of their common style ruts - everything from the fear of standing out from the crowd, insecurities with your body to putting yourself last in life.  I borrowed the book from the library, but the book contains so many words of wisdom, I want a copy on my bookshelf at all times!

Here are a few of my favorite quotations from "The Truth About Style" by Stacy London:

The Power of Personal Style 

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

"If you don't allow for the possibility of failure in style, you can't achieve success with it either.  There is only exploration and if you don't explore, you can't evolve.  If you don't take a step, a path will never appear."   (Stacy London)

Loving Yourself

"No matter how much you subjectively love or hate your shape, it's still the same body you're going to wake up with each morning.  Stop exhausting yourself hoping, wishing, praying to be someone different, and take pleasure in knowing that you are who you are, in all your fabulous uniqueness.  Go about the business of working with that real body to create a style you love and can love your shape in."   (Stacy London)

Being Confident with Your Life & Your Style

"If you feel you have the knowledge that what you are doing is right for you, then screw anyone who says otherwise"..."You're the only one living your life, wearing your clothes and walking in your shoes. Primarily, you've just got to please yourself."

These is brief a sampling of her wise advice.  She's absolutely right;  style is about far more than just pieces of fabric we put on our bodies every day!

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