Monday, August 11, 2014

One Sweet Find: The Striped Skirt

One Sweet Find:  5 Ways to Wear It
Black, White & Bright Pink

Black and white can be eye catching on their own, but adding a bright pop of color is always fun, especially during the summer.  I added bright pink, but I also would have loved to add a bright green or yellow bag or clutch to this combination. 

As I study personal style, proportions are, of course, very important to note.  I played with proportions here just for the fun of it. By wearing a longer black top, I am lengthening my torso visually.  This would be good for someone who thinks her legs are too long.  Wouldn't it be nice to be all legs, though?  :)  

I also rolled the elastic waistline and wore this skirt shorter rather than longer in the left photo.   I'm curious what you think because sometimes it's harder to evaluate ourselves than evaluate others.  I think the skirt gives me the illusion of longer legs and a taller frame as its worn on the right.  There are other variables like the jean jacket which visually cuts me at the waist also making my legs also appear longer.  The tank top worn alone on the left, makes me appear leaner, however.  And I could see how some of you might say, this photo is more "long and lean."  I think it gives me the illusion of a long torso and shorter legs.  With the top worn closer to the waist, I'd look more proportionate.  I'll have to try the same exact outfit with different skirt lengths to show you the illusions you can create.  Style is a fascinating science!

Another hint?  If you want to visually lengthen yourself, wear pointed shoes to give the illusion of length.  I found that piece of advice from Stacy London of What Not to Wear and author of the book "The Truth About Style," which is absolutely brilliant. 

Skirt:  Target
Top:  Target
 Handbag:  Charming Charlie

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