Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Your Style: Enhanced

Enhancing a Fun, Smart & Quirky Musician's Look

Rose Gray is a beautiful, talented musician/professional with a quick sense of humor and fun, quirky personality who grew up in Groveland, Mass., and now calls Chapel Hill, N.C. home. However, Rose describes her lifelong style as nerdy and frumpy.  The words nerdy and frumpy do NOT fit Rose's lively, smart, fearless personality   I immediately knew we had to get her style and personality in line.  Check out the pictures below each day and the Your Style: Enhanced section to see Rose's complete transformation this week!

Rose Gray's Look #2:  Lace, Lyrics & Leather

One of our key goals for this style enhancement was to find Rose some amazing outfits to wear for her music gigs.  The Rose Gray Band currently plays at coffee houses in the Chapel Hill, N.C. area.  Rose, who writes ALL of her own songs (amazing!), would also like to play at larger outdoor and indoor venues.   I think Rose's calendar will both fill up with music gigs and also more dates :)  

While we were on our marathon shopping spree, I spotted this ivory lace dress at J. Crew Factory on the clearance rack.  I knew Rose had to try it on.  Paired with a faux leather jacket or cargo jacket, I thought it would reflect her fun personality.  Also, Rose really wants a pair of cowboy boots, so I thought this would go perfectly with them!  Plus, this beautiful dress was already a great price and it was an extra 40 percent off.  

Dress:  J. Crew Factory
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory
Earrings:  J. Crew Factory
Jacket:  Marshalls

Sunglasses:  Banana Republic Factory

Cargo Jacket:  The Gap
Necklace:  Charming Charlie

Rose Gray's Look #1:  Enhanced Stripes

This look is exactly what Rose and I wanted - it's smart, fun, quirky and confident - exactly like Rose's personality.  It definitely channels this musician's style icons, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  There is nothing frumpy or nerdy about it.  Bye bye, shapeless, faded striped tops :)  Hello, stylish, gorgeous and confident Rose (the real Rose)!   See the rest of here looks here:  Your Style: Enhanced.

Top: J. Crew Factory
Black Jacket:  J. Crew Factory
Trouser Jeans:  Banana Republic Factory
Sunglasses:  Banana Republic Factory
Nautical Necklace:  Charming Charlie
Shoes (below) :  Payless

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