Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finding the Perfect Summer Dress

Finding dresses to wear to weddings and other events can be fun but it can also be stressful if it's last minute.   

Some key things to consider include:  
Fabric:  I love traditional cotton or seersucker (all cotton) during the summer because cotton breathes well on those scorching hot days.  I got married on a 90-plus degree day, so I felt the pain of my wedding guests standing in our reception line outside.  Plus, I love it when I can find a dress I don't have to dry clean for  once!
Color:  I mostly love light colors for the summer.   Try colors you might not wear in the winter like light yellows, aqua, lavender, etc.  I stay as far away from any shade of white or light pink or light silver when I attend a wedding because it's the bride's day.  I also try to stay away from black because I think it's always the stereotypical wedding guest color.  (That being said, yes, I've worn black before!  But I like to try to have more fun with summer colors.)
Versatility:  How many other ways can you style the dress?  Can you add a light tan blazer and wear it to work?  Can you style it with different jewelry and wear it to another summer event?  This is a key question for me!

Sweet Summer Dresses

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