Monday, January 19, 2015

Ladies' Night: Jamberry Nails

I am always searching for new ways to do my nails.  I like options I can use at home while achieving a salon-like look.  Day-to-day, I usually use Butter London nail polish and I absolutely love it.  I like a nail wrap kit, though, if I am going out and would like a french manicure. You wouldn't want to see me try to paint a french manicure.  It's not pretty!

Our Jamberry Nails!

I recently tried a Sally Hansen Salon Effects french manicure at-home nail wrap kit and the finished product looked beautiful but it wasn't easy (at least for me) to achieve.  I was down to the last nail wrap and thought I was going to have one plain nail :)  When my friend Lauren told me about Jamberry nails, I had to try them!  This was my first time using them and Lauren guided me and and my sister, Anne, as we applied the nail wraps.  The white French manicure tip and the entire nail come as one wrap, which is awesome.  It will take me practice to get the french manicure absolutely perfect since you have to be very good about lining up the tip so it's the same size as all of the other nail tips but that will come with time!   

To use Jamberry nails, we cut the nail wraps to the size of our nails with scissors, then we used a blow dryer to heat them up so they would properly adhere to our nails.  Then, we pressed each nail wrap onto each nail with a wooden manicure stick and blow dryed again.  We then filed or cut off the remainder of the wrap.   It sounds like a lot, but once you get used to the process, it's easy.   Jamberry also has very detailed instructions that are good to follow.   In my original package, I still have enough wraps left to do a second manicure!   Removing them wasn't hard either.  I soaked my hands in hot, soapy water and the wraps came off fairly easily and my nails still looked pretty good!

Overall, the Jamberry nails looked salon quality to me and they stayed beautifully for about a week.  I've read some women can get two weeks out of theirs.  I am very hard on my nails though.  I am constantly washing my hands, doing dishes and playing with play dough and all kinds of other things with Charlotte.  I was very impressed with Jamberry!  I think next time, I will live on the edge and try some polka dots or something other than my usual French manicure :)  If you want more information or are interested, here is the link:  Renee Sifferman's Jamberry Website.  Cheers to pretty nails!

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