Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Beauty

The 2015 Blizzard is bearing down on us.  The snow is swirling and the trees have started blowing.  Since I love the snow and I spent many years doing live news reports out in several feet of snow for hours on end in my previous career, I figured I'd share some of my winter must-have items!  Read more below.

Blizzard Beauty

Winter Favorites:

North Face Parka:  Mine is about 5 years old now and I still absolutely love it.  After reporting in sub-zero conditions (think -15, windchill of -25) and covering the Valentine's Day Blizzard in February 2007, I invested in a serious parka and this one has kept me warm and dry time after time.  Sadly, I am at my parents' house right now and I didn't bring this with me :(    To keep seriously warm, I also wear lots of layers:  long underwear, jeans, a wool sweater, snow pants and hand and foot warmers.

Warm Boots:    My husband bought me the North Face's Nuptse Purna Boots for Christmas and I love them.  I wanted a warm and rugged - yet stylish - boot.  My husband knows me well! I fell in love with the faux fur detail and they're perfect because they are waterproof and well insulated.  I love playing in the snow with Charlotte and that demands a warm, rugged boot.  I also need a good grip if it's icy out!

Cashmere Scarf:  I always wear a scarf in the snow.  I absolutely hate getting snow down my neck!  I also use the scarf over my face if the snow is blowing.  And nothing beats cashmere for softness.

Cashmere Socks:  One of my biggest pet peeves is having cold feet (literally and figuratively)!  To eliminate that, I wear heavy cashmere socks (usually two pair) and I also put foot warmers in my boots.  Because I used to stand out in the snow for long intervals during television storm coverage, I had to make sure my feet were warm and this worked well!

Hand Care:  I swear by the Satin Hands Pampering Set set by Mary Kay.  I use the set weekly (sometimes more) and for me, it quickly eliminates painful dry skin and redness.  I use the moisturizer that comes in the set daily.  Having chapped hands is one of my big pet peeves.  I also love that this set comes as fragrance-free.  I also use their Satin Lips set to exfoliate and moisturize my lips.

Lips:  When I am out in harsh conditions, I constantly swipe on Burt's Bees natural beeswax lip balm.   I also use it on Charlotte because it's natural.

Hat and Gloves:  These go without saying.  I can't go without a warm yet stylish hat in the snow.  I often carry a couple with me.  Gloves are an absolute must.  Not wearing them is the quickest way to chap your hands, as most of you probably know all too well.  I wear heavy-duty gloves when I am playing in the snow.  Day-to-day, I wear either leather/cashmere-lined gloves or my favorite Isotoner spandex gloves.

Sunglasses:  I don't like blowing snow getting into my eyes.  I did not wear sunglasses when I was a reporter on the air.  But now, I won't leave the house without my sunglasses in the snow (especially since I wear contacts).

Hope you weather the storm if you're in the path of this blizzard.  Or, if you're in 70 degree weather - enjoy that too!! 

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