Thursday, November 6, 2014

HomeGoods Happy Fan Winnings

I am so grateful to HomeGoods for giving me my Happy Fan shopping spree and two boxes full of beautiful items for my home!  These are things I honestly would not have bought for myself.  I told HomeGoods my style is elegant and glamorous and they nailed it when they sent me some gorgeous mirrored frames and crystal candleholders.  Those items inspired me to find more elegant items on my shopping spree.  I can now say our house is finally a reflection of my style and my husband's style.  As you'll see below, he found the perfect chandelier for our living room!

So, here is what I found!  It was SO hard not to buy everything in the store!!
-Damask Chair $129.99
-Luxe Mirror $79.99
-Large Mirrored Frames $129.99 and $89.00
-Crystal Lamp $59.99
-Large Silver Mirror $39.99

Extras:  Mirrored Chest
             Large Closet Mirror
             And many more to come... :)

This photo doesn't do this chair justice.
It's actually the key inspiration piece for my living room!
I'm going to make pillows to coordinate and find a wool floor rug too.

This was an "extra" I went back to buy!  
I have always wanted an elegant mirrored chest.

My husband bought me this chandelier after the shopping spree to add 
to the new elegant feel of our living room.  I'm such a lucky woman!

These huge mirrored frames will go in our piano room.
I am going to replace the current prints with large prints of 
piano music!

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