Wednesday, November 5, 2014

HomeGoods Happy Fan Shopping Spree

I always secretly dreamed of being on the show "Supermarket Sweep," but I never thought I would actually win a shopping spree.   On Saturday, the HomeGoods store in Clifton Park opened its doors at 8 a.m. so I could have a private shopping spree for one hour.  In addition to the two boxes of hand-picked items I mentioned yesterday, HomeGoods overnighted me these gift cards.   I got a $500 gift card and I received 5 gift cards of $25 for friends to shop with me!   I love shopping (especially with the store to myself), so it was an amazing experience.  I'm still taking photos of the items I scored and I will share those tomorrow!  Hint, I spend a lot of time in the lighting aisle as you can see below :)  I also carried a list of items I wanted and a tape measure to check dimensions.  Thank you again to HomeGoods for treating me so well!  

The colorful array of gift cards from HomeGoods!

We are definitely a HomeGoods family!

Decisions, decisions...

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