Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sweet on Shoes

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Shoes Loyal Shoes:   There are few things I love in my closet more than a pair of fabulous shoes.  Shoes, handbags and jewels are our most loyal pieces.  They don't care about the size of our hips or stomachs.  They fit when you gain or lose weight.  They can make such a bold statement they take even the most discerning eye away from any areas we are self-conscious about.  Many people say style begins at the bottom (the shoe) and works its way up.  

This spring and summer, there are so many shoes to love!  Ah, if I could have them all!   Here are the key trends I've highlighted here and all for $100 or less.  

Key Trends:  Floral, d'Orsay Flats (two-piece), Wedges, Bright Colors, Metallics and Perforated.

Fabulous Flats and Heels

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