Friday, January 24, 2014

Next Week: Sweet Pregnancy Style

Next week, I am sharing a topic very close to my heart.  Being pregnant with Charlotte was one of the best times of my life.  Sure, I got sick about three times a day and had a c-section after nearly 24 hours of labor, but that actually didn't keep me down for a second.  I felt more beautiful when I was pregnant than when I walked the stage at Miss America in the best shape of my life living out a dream.  Perhaps it was the added confidence and maturity in my 30s or perhaps it was the wiggle of tiny feet and sweet flutters of baby hiccups in my ever-growing belly, but it was honestly pure bliss.  And for once, my hair was gloriously shiny and my skin was naturally sparkling.  So, I feel disheartened when I hear a beautiful woman say she feels overweight or disgusting while she is pregnant.   There's a gorgeous glow about every pregnant woman, even if she doesn't know it.  I hope that even one small tip next week may help a mama-to-be out there feel more confident and beautiful!

Here is a preview of the topics I will cover next week:  The Sweet Secret, The Blossoming Baby Bump, The Beautiful Baby Bump, Mama & Baby, Mama with the Most, and Forever Beautiful.  These are the distinct phases I went through as my body changed.  I will also cover packing for the hospital & other mama essentials.

Sweet Pregnancy Style

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  1. I was the happiest fat chick you could find when I was expecting. :) Big and beautiful mothers to be... what a great topic for your next posts. Good luck with your current projects. FYI - Love the DIYs. :)